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We are a team of experienced, fun, and down-to-Earth marketing professionals that love what we do! We pride ourselves in being a small boutique marketing agency because it allows us to have great relationships with our clients. When you work with Bragi, you get to meet and talk to everyone that you see below. If you're interested in joining this team and being featured below, please reach ou to us!


Chief Executive Strategist & Co-Founder

Christopher Weir is a Founder and the business strategist of Bragi Strategic Marketing. His life experience is from rags to riches. His first memories are of his Mom and him living in the woods and having to play a hiding game when the police came. Growing up, he always had a niche for being an entrepreneur. His first business was a dog walking service for his next-door neighbors. As time went on, he obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Jurisprudence, studying the history and theory of law. While he enjoyed law, his true passion was entrepreneurship. He began a service-based company and was able to scale the business successfully. During his entrepreneurial journey, he found it hard to find marketing companies that knew that marketing was a holistic approach. He didn’t like the slap your logo on whatever and sent it out approach. To remedy what he found in the market, he partnered with Diana. They both set out to open a marketing organization to help businesses scale their business along with their marketing in a way that focuses on emotional advertising and data-driven results.

Digital Marketing Specialist & Co-Founder

Born and raised on the Chesapeake Bay of Annapolis, Maryland, Diana continues to enjoy living by the water. Currently, she travels, works, and lives in a tiny home stationed in Savannah, Georgia.


After graduating from South River High School in 2014, she realized her passion for entrepreneurship and received the Ratcliffe Entrepreneurship Scholarship and earned an Associate Degree in Business Administration from Anne Arundel Community College (2017). She then transferred to Salisbury University after being awarded a Management Excellence Scholarship. She continued her education at Salisbury University and earned a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management (2019) and a Master’s in Business Administration (2021). 

Throughout her academic career, she realized her fascination with entrepreneurship, marketing, event planning, and leadership and hopes to someday become a Business Professor at a reputable college or university. 


With extensive experience in event management and marketing, Diana has planned over 700 events, managed multiple social media accounts, and created content for various organizations including ads, logos, and websites. She loves to create strategies that result in lasting, memorable, and impactful impressions. 


Diana loves traveling to new states in her tiny home, reading ‘new in tech’ and anything Elon Musk articles, trading crypto, and visiting friends and family back home.


The Bragi Social Team

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Social Media Manager

Born in Italy in a small town in the Alps, after living abroad for a few years, Corinne decided to come back to her home country.


In 2019 once she completed her bachelor's degree in Business Administration, she left for two and half years to travel from Australia to Asia to South America.

This experience allowed her to experience different jobs and discover infinite possible career paths, all while learning about different cultures and expanding her mind. This is where she found her passion for marketing. Hungry for knowledge she attended some online courses on digital social media strategy. Since coming home, she now spends her spare time exploring her home country; hiking, sailing, and rock climbing with friends while continuing to learn and study marketing, as it’s the future of any business.


She is not like most Italians. Corinne doesn’t like soccer, her favorite food is Indian and she’s not a good cook.

And how about this for a crazy experience... she spent three months sailing a boat crossing the Atlantic from the Canaries to Brazil.

Bragi Account Manager

Jennica is a passionate visual communicator with the intent of sharing and telling stories through social media. She loves working with people. She is a confident young professional with a love for learning and development, eager to leverage education and training in the digital marketing space. She is a highly motivated, self-driven individual with the ability to work in a fast-paced environment. Jennica is a team lead for social media at Bragi and has vast experience in managing socials for e-commerce businesses. 

Interested in Joining the Team?

If you're interested in joining our ever-growing team here at Bragi, please reach out! We encourage you to follow our LinkedIn Page. We do offer multiple opportunities to get involved with Bragi. Fill out a contact form, and let us know what you're searching for! We look forward to hearing from you. 

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