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5 Free Business Listings that Your Organization Needs to Utilize

Want to rank higher on Google? Want to increase your brand awareness? One easy way to do this is by listing your organization on as many free online business listings as possible! Here are our top 5 recommended listings:

Google My Business

Google My Business, recently changed to Google Search Console and Google Maps is one of the most popular and free search services on the web! This is a free way to let users know who and what your business is. When they search your name, your information can pop up including your organization's website, products, services, phone number, and more! Google can even present your business as a search result when someone searched a keyword related to your organization. Google My Business is a free and effective way to increase your visibility.

Bing Places

Not everyone uses Google, so Bing Places is another great free business listing! It’s very easy to list your organization's information, as you are able to import your GoogleMyBusiness profile when you sign up!


Many people care about reviews before they commit to purchasing a product or service! Listing your organization on Yelp is a perfect way to expand your reviews but also appear before active yelpers! Did you know that Yelp has over 92 million unique mobile users per month?

Facebook Business Page

There are more than 2 billion active users on Facebook. Increase your brand's awareness by creating a free Facebook Page. You’ll be able to invite friends, community members, and more. You’ll also have the ability to place ads by using Facebook Ads Manager.

LinkedIn Business Directory

Listing your organization on the LinkedIn Business Directory is an effective and professional way to connect with other leaders in your industry. It also presents the perfect opportunity to expand your network with strategic partners while also increasing your brand's awareness.

Here at Bragi Strategic Marketing, we focus on growing our client's business with data and transparency. Definitely reach out to us if this information is overwhelming. We'd love to get you started on these free business listings and talk about marketing strategy. If you're ready to grow, reach out to us at or visit Bragi Marketing to get started!

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