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3 Neuro Writing Tactics to Get Inside The Minds Of Your Audience.

Neuro writing is a process of crafting a marketing text that appeals to human psychology, thus influencing engagement and motivation to learn more and purchase. It refers to mental hacks included in your content to compel the audience to act. The addition of tiny elements – odd numbers, particular words, formatting tricks – hooks users and makes them stay with you. Neuro copywriting has nothing to do with manipulation.

While it can relate to natural-language processing communication techniques like anchoring and mirroring, it’s more about the application of concrete, actionable writing techniques. Let’s look at seven ways to do this: 1. Use Numbers in Headings The brain is wired for numbers, which explains why people love listicles so much.

Numbers can make content easier to digest, tricking the brain into assuming it’s more efficient to consume. Your audience’s brains see listicles as cheat sheets to scan and get the info they need.

2. Ask Questions Given people usually scan content online to ascertain if it’s worth their time, pay precise attention to your subheadings. Use them to ask a question or give instructions that will make readers continue reading on. 3. Consider Negative Language Negative words can be your ally in persuasive content. Fear is a primal human motivator, after all, and it triggers your audience to act. That's why it can be your ally in persuasive content. When people read negative words—damaging, idiot, crash, stuck, devious, fail, miss, ban, never—they get confused and feel uncomfortable even if it's subconsciously.

Here are three negative headlines based on three types of fear:

  • That’s Why Your Blog Will Never Succeed (fear of failure)

  • How to Network at Conferences If You’re Not an Extravert (fear of rejection)

  • Are You Damaging Your Content With These 11 Mistakes? (fear of inadequacy)

It’s time to take these tricks to jump inside your audience’s heads and take your content marketing to the next level.

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