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Paid Ads

Thank you for your interest in Bragi's Paid Ads Services. We do this in 2 ways - Paid Ads & Ad Design Package or Paid Ads Management. If you are interested in moving forward with one of these services, please fill out our contact form and we will reach out to you to schedule your Bragi Introductory call within 24 hours! 

Paid Search Marketing is an incredible way to drive qualified users to increase potential for sales and revenue.  With the multitude of channels offered, deciding on a preferred channel as well as managing can be daunting.  Whether Facebook, Google, Linkedin or Amazon, Bragi Strategic Marketing will help direct toward your growth goal.

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Lead Generation

Driving qualified traffic from being a visitor to lead to qualified prospect is imperative for the success of any lead generation business.  Bragi Strategic Marketing will direct all paid ad strategy, creation, implementation and optimization for your lead generation business.  With an attention to detail as well as a robust tailored strategy to each industry, Bragi has the people and tools for your success.

Ecommerce For Business

With an overall growth in digital media across devices, platforms and channels, the outlook for the future of eCommerce is ever present.  Bragi Strategic Marketing will help navigate your Ecommerce store through paid advertisements on shopping, search, display and the video networks.  With a focus on optimization for a larger return on ad spend. Bragi has helped hundreds of eCommerce businesses achieve their goals.  Get a better return on investment with Bragi Strategic Marketing.

Paid Marketing Channels:


Google Ads

  • Google Text Ads 

  • Google Display Ads

  • Google Shopping Ads

  • Youtube Ads (Google Video)


Bing Ads

  • Bing Text Ads

  • Bing Display Ads

  • Bing Shopping Ads


Social Ads

  • Facebook Ads

  • Instagram Ads

  • Pinterest Ads

  • Snapchat Ads

  • Linkedin Ads

  • Text Ads


Amazon Ads

  • Amazon Text Ads

  • Amazon Shopping Ads

  • Amazon Video Ads


Digital Radio

  • Pandora Ads

  • Spotify Ads


Outdoor Ads

  • Billboard Ads

  • Bus Stop Ads

  • Bench Ads

  • Subway Ads


OTT & Video Ads

  • OTT Video Ads

  • CTV Video Ads

  • TVE Video Ads

  • OLV Video Ads

  • VOD Video Ads

  • SVOD Video Ads

  • TVOD Video Ads

  • AVOD Video Ads

  • PVOC Video Ads

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